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Make a Demo, Record a Single, an EP or an Album.

We will provide support and helpful advice through the whole process from your preparation for recording and setting up your gear, to mixing and mastering and finally printing.

Voice Over Work

We record and engineer all styles of voice over including audio books and sound for video and gaming.


If you're a home recordist and need to add a professional edge to your mixes, we have the specialist engineers, equipment and environment for professional mastering. Bring files into us or we can arrange to have them delivered securly via the internet.

Web Audio Services 

We can help with mastering for downloads such as MySpace, iTunes, Bandcamp, etc and setting music to images for and YouTube and Vimeo.

Songwriting and Composition

We can help you with songwriting, arranging, ads and jingles, sound beds, 5.1 mixing along with producing small to large runs of CD’s including artwork. We can aslo assist with Social Media account setup and upload.

Instrument tuition 

Tuition is available for Guitar and Drums and we are developing a range of courses for small groups in recording and Pro tools. If you want something specific and we will design a course to suit.

The studio and our people are available to schools and other groups or organisations in Christchurch who wish to use our services.

Whatever your passion is we will do our utmost to provide the skill, knowledge and equipment to produce the result you want.


Come and talk to us, call 027 431 6950 for an appoinment.

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