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About us

Riverside Sound Recording Studio Christchurch is the culmination of a lifetime’s interest in music and the fulfilment of my vision to create a studio capable of providing an awesome environment for both artists and audio engineers in which to relax, have fun and produce inspiring music.

The wide range of techniques and acoustic materials researched and used have resulted in a studio that boasts an amazing sound for its modest size. The live room can be acoustically customized to suit your style and sound using our hand built high density mineral fibre panels, Helmholtz resonators and various diffusers, absorbers and reflectors giving you the control and flexibility you need. 

Located beside the meandering Heathcote River, our facility is a new purpose built studio designed and built by a bunch of young and enthusiastic engineers and musicians who are keen to make a contribution to Christchurch’s reputation for producing awesome music.

We will provide you with a service that is second to none but well within your budget…..unbeatable value for money. And we would love to talk to you even if you feel you may not be able to afford our services….you may be surprised!

We have great people, a great environment, great equipment and great hummingbird coffee. We pride ourselves in being efficient, economical and professional and will do everything to make your time with us as productive and as much fun as possible.

Peter Williams
Studio Owner / Manager